Making a Fresh Start with Healthy Beginnings

HW: 261
CW: 157
GW: 130
Height: 5'7

Instagram: kayd91


jenselter - More of her: jenselter on fuckasfit
Haha work in progress

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the first three words you see are what you want in life

29. July 2014

Fun, Job, Beauty…..

Not completely offbase with this one

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Anonymous: did you ever have sex before your weight loss journey? I am personally really struggling with the idea of having sex when my body is not in a healthy state. I'm also super insecure about my breast because they are saggy.

Yes, I did.

But this is isn’t something that I can really give advice about. Sex is personal and means different things to different people. But here is a bit of my view.

- Try not to let you’re pyschological issues about your body stop you from doing ANYTHING you really want to do

- Listen to yourself, if you’re not comfortable with something for whatever reason than it probably isn’t right.

Only you know the right decision for yourself.

eatfitlove: hi! just wanted to say that i love your blog :) i;'m 5'7 as well, my start weight is almost the same, tho my goal weight is around your current ;) I just started last month, but i already lost few inches and over 15 lbs ;)

You go Glen Coco!